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Cricket Revolution Features

- Unrivalled gameplay with thrilling online PvP action

- In-game community server with chat rooms, friends and online gaming

- Fully motion captured actions, day/night lighting, pitch and ball variations

- Original stadiums, unlockable deliveries, and batsman knock-out injuries

- Internet based multiplayer play, rankings, ratings, and leaderboards

- LAN based multiplayer network play

- Offline leagues, knock-out and exhibition matches vs computer teams

- Complete team and player customization for strategic gameplay

- True field captaincy with the ability to place fielders anywhere on the field

- Batting and bowling net practice modes ... and more!

Compete For Glory On The Revolution Servers
Challenge friends and foes alike across the globe in a bid to dominate the Revolution Online leaderboards! Cricket Revolution takes your gaming experience to the next level with a complete in-game community network with chat rooms, friends, tournaments, ranking, and leaderboards. 
Experience Unrivalled Batting Gameplay
Cricket Revolution's batting system lets players command both shot selection and placement seamlessly with action oriented key mappings. Elements like batsman abilities, level, and states, combined with a full set of motion captured cricketing shots makes batting a powerful experience like no other cricket game of the past. Check out the player guide for details. 
Master The 'Bowling Gadget'
Unleash your bowling mind upon your opponents with complete control and confidence using Cricket Revolution's 'Bowling Gadget'. Speed, turn, swing, seam movement and special deliveries are perfectly orchestrated at the bowler's will. The bowling gameplay allows bowlers to concentrate on mind games with the batsmen instead of wrestling with the bowling controls. 
View and Track Complete Statistics and Performance Data
Every ball, every shot, every wicket, every run you take is tracked, stored, and analyzed after every match to give you a comprehensive statistics tracking system. View scorecards from last season’s matches; pull up your batting history and watch your average improve over time; count your wicket victims and watch yourself rise to the top of the leaderboards; Cricket Revolution has it all! 
Dominate the Awards and Achievements Leaderboards
Are you the top batsman in the world? Have you taken more hat tricks than anyone to date? Have you never lost a match online? No milestone achieved in Cricket Revolution goes unnoticed! From legendary performances to match winning innings to hat tricks, Cricket Revolution brings a comprehensive list ofawards and achievements to cricket games. Get into your gear and win them! 
Original Stadiums, Weather and Pitch Conditions Gameplay
Cricket Revolution brings to you stadiums that host futuristic indoor settings to old architectures. Dynamic weather conditions, varying pitch conditions, and day/night lighting provide an exciting and imaginative ambience to your cricketing adventures. 


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